Territorial Army : India’s Second Line of Defence

Territorial Army : India’s Second Line of Defence

Territorial Army

Territorial Army

What is Territorial Army?

The craze for the Army is unbelievable among Indians, be it the love and appreciation or the wish to join it. People have always gone gaga over it. Although getting into it is quite tough as the benchmark set by the board is remarkable. Apart from the regular army, there is one more way to make the dream of becoming an Army officer come true and that is the Territorial Army.

The territorial army is the second line of defence protecting and helping the regular army. Many people desire to join this line of defence either as an additional career option or as a means to serve the nation at the backfoot. It gives chance to interested candidates to help the nation by serving in uniform for 2-3 months every year in times of national emergencies. The TA soldiers can be mobilized and located anywhere in the country during any form of national emergency to augment the strength of regular forces. The regular army soldiers serve full time whereas the TA soldiers have a very limited period of service.

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Why Territorial Army?

The idea behind developing the Territorial army is that the country should have extra support during war-time and should be maintained at the lowest cost during peace. Regular army soldiers can only work for the army whereas it is a must for a TA soldier to have a solid alternate profession. The age limit for a TA soldier is 18 to 42 years but to become an officer in the regular army the age limit is 21 to 27 years.
A TA soldier joins as a Lieutenant and then becomes Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel and Brigadier, which is the highest position one can be promoted up to. But a Regular Army Officer joins as a Lieutenant and can be promoted up to the rank of Field Marshal. Both men and women can join the regular army as well as the TA. To know more visit: https://www.jointerritorialarmy.gov.in

Territorial Army

Pays, Allowances and Selection Procedure

The TA soldier’s pay and allowances and privileges are the same as regular army officers. The TA job profile does not guarantee pension.
The selection process of TA is quite similar to that of the regular army. The candidates whose application forms are found correct are called for screening, which comprises of a written exam followed by an interview. Only the candidates who manage to pass the written exam are called for interview. The Preliminary Interview Board (PIB) takes the interview managed by the respective Territorial Army Group Headquarters. Selected candidates will then appear in front of the Service Selection Board (SSB) and Medical Board for final selection.

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Prepare for Territorial Army

The Territorial Army is a golden opportunity for people who can not join the regular army. Although it is not the first line of defence but it does not make any huge difference as the idea is to serve the nation. To become an officer in the TA an extensive study of the syllabus is a must. The Shaurya Bharat app is the way to clear the TA exam in one go. The app gives the best notes and lectures to understand every topic.

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