Must have Qualities !!! for NDA SSB

Must have Qualities !!! for NDA SSB

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Must have Qualities ! for NDA SSB

NDA Cadets

NDA – Dream of young men with brave hearts

The National Defence Academy is not just an institute but a place which carves our heroes. Getting into this prestigious institution is a far fetched dream for many young boys. But, the best manage to leave an impression on the board and become an NDA cadet. The NDA exam consists of a written examination, followed by the NDA SSB.


Important Qualities For NDA SSB

The procedure of the NDA SSB is a five-day-long process that involves many tests to judge a candidate’s aptitude. There are several qualities that are checked during the NDA SSB interview. 

  1. As they say, the first impression is the lasting impression. Always, remember that your initial impression will last for the following five days. 
  2. A well dressed and well-groomed man will definitely have an upper hand during the SSB interview. 
  3. Personality plays a huge role in NDA SSB, a humorous, witty, self-aware and confident man will be unstoppable. 
  4. A candidate’s interests are always taken into consideration, as they give an actual idea of who the person is. It gives an in-depth idea of his personality. 
  5. Oration-Good vocabulary, fluency, proper diction, clear speech and required qualifications are taken into consideration the most during the NDA SSB interview. 
  6. To clear the interview, there has to be a zeal and motivation to get into the Indian armed forces. Passion about serving the country will definitely open the doors of NDA for anyone. 
  7. Honesty is the best policy and the SSB board relies on it the most. Be true and do not conceal your personality as it can backfire. 
  8. Be smart while answering the questions but don’t be over smart. 
  9. Do not forget that the board members interviewing you are experienced and you can not fool them.
  10. Have decent conversations with fellow candidates as they might become your co-cadets. Try to know more about them as it will help you during the group discussions. 
  11. Be confident, polite and positive throughout the whole process. 
  12. Brush up your general knowledge, current affairs and military aptitude, as they are a must to crack the NDA SSB.
  13. Do not raise your voice too high during the group discussions as it may seem like you are losing your cool.
  14. Do not panic during any of the aptitude tests or interviews. 
  15. Be prepared for the rapid-fire questions during the personal interview.
  16. You must produce ideas to solve the problems as you are required to behave like potential officer candidate!

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Cracking NDA Exam using Shaurya Bharat App

These are few tips that might help a candidate crack the NDA SSB, but these tips alone cannot do the magic. The Shaurya Bharat app has the best educational content that it provides to its students. The regular discussions with the highly experienced team of teachers help every student learn the topics better. The mock test helps students track their progress and build their confidence. They also become aware of their weaknesses and strengths. With the Shaurya Bharat app, the dream of becoming an officer in the Indian defence forces will definitely come true. 

Be a Shauryaveer and prepare for Victory !

Jai Hind!

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