The Rashtriya Military Schools of India

Rashtriya Military Schools – An Overview

Rashtriya Military Schools are a well-known chain of schools that provides first-class education to deserving students across the country. Getting admission in one of the military schools is a dream of every child and his parents. These schools came into existence as King George’s Indian Military Schools. Earlier the Rashtriya Military Schools were established exclusively for the sons of defence personnel. The schools were renamed Military Schools in the year 1966. Its motto, ‘Play the Game’ got replaced with ‘Sheelem Param Bhushanam’ which means Character is the Highest Virtue, in the same year.

Opened for Civilians

In the year 1952, these schools were reorganised on public school lines and opened its door for civilians as well. In 1954, the Rashtriya Military Schools became a member of the well-reputed Indian Public School Conference (IPSC) and is still an active member of the same. On 25th June 2007, the schools were renamed as ‘Rashtriya Military School’. These schools have given many distinguished officers who are giving excellent service to the motherland. The alumni of the school are known as ‘Georgians’. These Schools are category ‘A’ establishment of the Indian Army and are administrated by the Director-General of Military Training at Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence. The apex body of the schools is The Central Governing Council (CGC) which is headed by the Defence Secretary, Ministry of Defence.

Establishment of Rashtriya Military Schools

The first Military School was established in Chail, Himachal Pradesh after World War I in the year 1922. It was established with a donation of 250,000 rupees from King George V’s patriotic fund. There are currently 5 Rashtriya Military Schools in India. They are RMS Banglore, RMS Belgaum, RMS Chail, RMS Dholpur and RMS Ajmer.

Admission Procedure

The admission to class VI and IX takes place through entrance exam. For class XI the admission takes place on the bases of class X board results. The entrance exam preparation for the Military Schools is quite tough on one’s own as the student must have a good knowledge of basic English and ought to have a sound general knowledge. The course of the Common Entrance Test (CET) for class VI consists of Mathematics, English, Intelligence Test, General Knowledge and Current Affairs. For class IX the course consists of English, Hindi, Social Science, Science and Mathematics. The entrance exam for both the classes is followed by an interview.

Way to Success

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