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National Defence Academy (NDA) makes future Armed Forces Officers out of young boys. NDA is excellent opportunity for aspirants who want to join Indian Armed Forces and serve the nation.

Grit and experience affect the growth of an institution. Fighting four major wars, insurgency and other low intensity wars has indeed made the Indian Army an eminently and efficient battle trained, war machine. The largest standing volunteer Army in the world has never had to scour the populace for draft or conscription. There are always more men eager to don olive green than the demand at any one time. But this does not reflect a situation where a large unemployed workforce would get into uniform to keep body and soul together.

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Top-Up Recharge Course (30 Days)

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Sudarshan Course (4 Months)

Paramveer Course (6 Months)

Sankalp Course (1 Year)

Brahmastra Course (2 Years)

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