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Sainik School E-Counselling Process

Sainik School E-Counselling Process


What is E-Counselling?

This post provides a deep insight into the Sainik School E-Counselling Process, the steps of e-counselling, how to select a school, etc.

  1. It is an online service through which candidates will be able to register and fill out their preferred school choices for admission to Sainik Schools and New Sainik Schools.
  2. The E-Counselling facility is available to all students who qualify for the AISSEE 2024 examination.
  3. Admission to 33 Sainik Schools and 35 New Sainik Schools is through e-counseling only.
  4. Candidates have to fill in their choices of schools based on their preferences and the availability of seats. The e-counseling portal usually lists available schools and the number of vacant seats in each. Candidates have to exercise the choice of 9 Sainik Schools (first choice already exercised during submission of online application) and 5 New Sainik Schools (If opted).
  5. Schools are allotted to the candidates based on the merit list and the choices filled by candidates. The basis of allotment of seats to the candidate is the rank of the candidate and the availability of seats in the preferred schools.
  6. Once a school is allotted to a candidate, they need to report at the allotted school for medical examination and document verification. The candidates confirm their admission by paying the required fees and submitting the necessary documents within the stipulated time.
  7. In case some seats remain vacant after the initial round of allotment, the e-counseling system may conduct subsequent rounds to fill those seats, allowing candidates on the waitlist to get a chance for admission.

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All about Sainik School E-Counselling Process

Sainik Schools in India typically conduct admissions through an All India entrance exam followed by a centralized counseling process. The e-counseling system refers to the online counseling process conducted by Sainik Schools for admissions.

  1. The process of admission into Sainik Schools is online for the Academic Year 2024-25 through the online portal.
  2. To participate in Sainik School e-counselling process, candidates who qualify the AISSEE 2024 examination, need to register on the All India Sainik School Admission Counselling (AISSAC) 2024 portal.
  3. The registration process for AISSAC 2024 counselling will commence around 15 Mar 2024.
  4. Candidates need their AISSEE 224 application number for registration on the AISSAC 2024 portal. Hence, AISSEE 2024 qualified candidates must keep reference documents ready before the start of AISSAC 2024
  5. Candidates receive a one-time password on the mobile number and email ID registered during AISSEE 2024 registration on the NTA portal.
  6. After entering OTP, candidates have to set their password. Thereafter, candidates need to sign in with their Application Number as their User ID and enter the password set by them.
  7. Upon successful sign-in, the system will automatically fetch the candidate’s details from the database of AISSEE 2024 registration.
  8. Candidates need to reconfirm the details. Only after confirmation of details, the candidate’s registration is considered successful.
  9. Candidates who do not register on the AISSAC 2024 portal, are not considered for the allocation of seats in any of the Sainik Schools (including new Sainik Schools).


Instruction for candidates for Choice filling for Round 1 on the AISSAC 2024 portal

  1. Click on the Choice Filling tab placed on the left side of the screen. The choice filling options will be as per 1 of the 7 combinations opted by you combinations during the AISSEE 2024 registration on the NTA portal i.e., [Sainik Schools(SS) only, SS + NSS 40% route(In that order of priority), SS+ NSS 40% route+ NSS 60% route(In that order of priority), SS+NSS 60% route (In that order of priority), NSS 40% route + NSS 60% route (In that order of priority), NSS 60% route only, NSS 40% route only]. No change of combination is entertained at this stage.
  2. Candidates who have opted for any of the combinations of Sainik Schools will find the Sainik School filled by him/her during the AISSEE 2024 registration on the NTA portal as the first choice (non-editable). In addition, the candidates can fill 9 more Sainik Schools.Sainik School E-Counselling
  3. Besides, Candidates who have opted for any of the combinations of NSS 40% Route for New Sainik Schools will be able to fill 5 New Sainik Schools.Sainik School E-Counselling
  4. Candidates who are already studying in New Sainik School in Class V and have opted for the NSS 60% Route will find their school in the NSS 60% Route table which will be non-editable.
  5. Candidates should lock their choices before the deadline. However, even after locking the choices, candidates can edit the choices before the deadline by clicking on the edit choice button.Sainik School E-Counselling


Cracking the AISSEE 2025

The NTA will conduct the AISSEE 2025 exam in January 2025. The ideal time to start preparation is one year before the exam so that students get a full year to prepare and polish themselves. The Sainik School Entrance Exam is a tough nut to crack. The standards and competition are way higher than one could think.  Getting admission into Sainik School is the dream of thousands of young boys and girls. However, only a few can turn this dream into reality.

To succeed in this competitive environment, candidates need to prepare thoroughly, maintain a disciplined study routine, and focus on developing a strong foundation in the relevant subjects. Regular practice, solving sample papers, and mock tests can help in building confidence and improving performance. Maintaining physical fitness and participating in extracurricular activities can enhance overall candidacy.

It is important to remember that the competition is tough. However, dedication, hard work, and a positive mindset can significantly increase your chances of securing admission to a Sainik School. Here, Shaurya Bharat can be a perfect guide to students. Shaurya Bharat is the best offline and online platform for students preparing for the Sainik School entrance examination.

Offline Classes

We conduct offline classes (School + Coaching) at our campus in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Click the following link to get a virtual tour of Shaurya Bharat Sainik School and Defence Academy.

Online Classes

Online classes are conducted through the Shaurya Bharat app. The Shaurya Bharat app provides the best content in the form of live classes, video lectures, and e-books.

Also, it offers topic-wise practice tests and pattern-based live exams. The live exams are based exactly on the pattern of the main examination. This gives students a well-required practice and a look and feel of the main examination. It makes them well-equipped to handle the examination pressure and overcome it with minimum ease.

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