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NDA Courses Offered by the Academy

National Defence Academy – Most Privileged Institution

The National Defence Academy is one of the most decorated institutes in India. Boys all over the country, who have a passion for the Indian defence forces, try their luck to get admission to this wonderful institute that has the ability to turn all the young and tender boys into rock-strong officers. The NDA examination takes place for boys who have passed 12th class. The institute not only prepares them for the forces, but also provides them degrees from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. In this article, we will discuss the NDA courses that cadets can choose from.

Courses Offered

The National Defence Academy offers full-time, residential undergraduate programmes to the selected cadets. The cadets complete the degree in 3 years. The NDA courses have two streams: 

  • Science Stream: This stream offers a Bachelor of Science degree. Cadets of this stream study Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • Liberal Arts Stream: This is the humanities stream and offers a Bachelor of Arts degree. Cadets of this stream study History, Economics, Political Science, Geography and Languages.

In both these streams, the academics are divided into three categories of the NDA courses:

  • Compulsory Course: As the name suggests, it is a compulsory course. Cadets need to study English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, History, Political Science, Economics, Geography and Foreign Languages such as Arabic, Chinese, French or Russian. Cadets must take the basic classes of all these subjects except for the Foreign Languages. Once these classes are over, they proceed to study their chosen stream.
  • Foundation Course: This is also a mandatory course for all cadets. The foundation course is divided into two NDA courses or subjects: Military Studies and General Studies. In Military Studies, cadets study Military History, Military Geography, Weapons System and Armaments etc. In General Studies, cadets cover Geopolitics, Human Rights, Laws of Armed Conflict and Environmental Sciences. 
  • Optional Course: After gaining all the required knowledge of University and Military, cadets proceed to focus on the subjects specific to their chosen services, i.e, army, navy or air force. The optional course is studied during the fifth and sixth semesters. There are chances of cadets being transferred to other service academies for their preferred service NDA courses. 

Sure Shot Success in NDA

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