Navy SSB- Major Operations by The Indian Navy

Navy SSB- Major Operations by The Indian Navy

Indian Navy – Pride of Nation

The whole nation is proud of the Indian Armed Forces, be it Army, Navy or Air Force. The class and discipline that one officer passes on to another is inspirational. The Navy, just like other two, provides ample opportunities to everyone who becomes a part of it. The protectors of the Indian peninsula, the Naval officers have a life as beautiful and adventurous as the sea they serve. Getting into the Indian Navy seems easy as a written exam followed by the Navy SSB interview. But what comes after that turns the young men into rock-strong officers. In this, article we will discuss some of the major operations by the Indian Navy that will definitely help you in the Navy SSB. 

Major Operations by Indian Navy

  • Operation Trident and Operation Python: This operation was a tight slap on Pakistan’s face when the Indian Navy initiated this offensive operation during the Indo- Pak war of 1971. The Indian Navy attacked Karachi port and destroyed it. To recall the success of this operation, Navy Day is celebrated on 4th December every year. Operation Python followed it when the Indian Navy destroyed Pakistani ships without harming any of the Indian ships. 
  • Operation Raahat: In this operation, the Indian army evacuated civilians from war-torn Yemen in 2015. Indian Naval Ship (INS) Sumitra was sent to evacuate people. INS Mumbai and INS Tarkash were deployed to protect INS Sumitra. The Indian Navy did not just rescue Indian nationalists but a lot of foreigners too.
  • Operation Parakram: This was one of a kind operation as young cadets’ took part in it and made history. In the year 2002, a major standoff took place between India and Pakistan. The Indian Navy was a part of this friction. 26 cadets under a Navy captain became a part of it for the first time in the history of Indian defence.
  • Operation Talwar: During the Indo-Pak war of 1999, the Indian Navy blocked Pakistan’s boats near Karachi port to put a stop to its supply of fuel and oil. Indian Navy even threatened to cut all the supply routes of Pakistan and started patrolling in the Arabian Sea. After this act, Pakistan requested India on their shortage of fuel and oil.
  • Operation Cactus: Cactus was the Indian Armed Force’s operation that was meant to pacify the situation between Sri Lanka and the Maldives in the year 1988. The Indian Navy took an active part in it by deploying two of its Naval ships, INS Godavari and INS Betwa to the Sri Lankan port. 

How to Crack the Navy SSB Interview?

These operations proved the whole world that the Indian Navy is rock solid. The Navy SSB preparation is a tough nut to crack as it tests a candidate for 5 days. It needs self-confidence and patience to pass the written exams such as NDA and CDS as well as the Navy SSB interview with flying colours. Shaurya Bharat App helps you prepare well for the interview. Its live video lectures are student-friendly and the regular interactions with highly qualified teachers help the students track their progress. The teachers make sure that all the students are confident and have a positive attitude towards the exam.

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