Navy SSB- Most Commonly Asked Questions

Indian Navy – Full of Opportunities

The Indian Navy is a sea of opportunities for every young man who puts the country before himself. The Indian Navy was originally founded in 1612 as the East India Company’s Marine to protect the British merchant ships in the region. In 1830 the British Indian Navy was titled the His Majesty’s Indian Navy. It was named as Royal Indian Navy in 1934. In 1950, when the country became a republic, it was again renamed as Indian Navy. Once a candidate passes the written exam he needs to start Navy SSB preparation to become an officer in the Indian Navy. There are some questions that have greater chance of being asked in the Navy SSB interview, in this article we will discuss them.

Commonly Asked Questions in Navy SSB

The most common Navy SSB questions are:

  • Name the neighbouring countries of India alphabetically.
  • Name all the water bodies surrounding India anti-clockwise.
  • Tell me the name of the Southernmost point of India.
  • Do you know any recent national sports news?
  • How do you keep yourself fit, during these tough times?
  • Tell me your 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses. 
  • What are your alternate career options?
  • Why Indian Nay, why nor Army or Air Force?
  • Which was the first aircraft carrier built by India?
  • Tell me why do a stone sinks but ship sails in the water.
  • Name all the crafts possessed by the Indian Navy.
  • How many commands are there in the Indian Navy?
  • Are you aware of any operations by the Indian Navy?
  • Do you know the hierarchy of the Indian Navy?
  • Name all the 5 naval exercises conducted by the Indian Navy.
  • When was the present-day Indian Navy formed, and what was it called before that?
  • What do you know about operation trident?
  • Who is the present Chief Admiral of the Indian Navy, where is he from?
  • Name three submarines possessed by the Indian navy.
  • Tell the difference between Navy and Coast Guard.
  • Name the non-officer ranks in the Indian Navy.
  • Define Torpedoes. 
  • Recite the motto of the Indian Navy.
  • Which is the special force of the Indian Navy?
  • Name three operations conducted by the Indian Navy.
  • Name the different types of uniforms in the Indian Navy.
  • Explain the importance of the Indian Navy flag along with describing it. 
  • Which nation did we get the INS Vikramaditya from?
  • What are the different ways to join the Indian Navy as an Officer?
  • Who is the father of The Indian Navy?
  • Define stealth technology?
  • Which satellite does the Indian Navy use?
  • What is the full form of UAV and what is the use of it?
  • Name 03 Destroyers, 03 Frigates, 03 Corvettes & 03 Offshore Vessels used by the Indian Navy.

Navy SSB Preparation

The Navy SSB preparation is a tough nut to crack as it tests a candidate for 5 days. It needs self-confidence and patience to pass the Navy SSB interview with flying colours. Shaurya Bharat App helps you prepare well for the interview as its live video lectures are student-friendly and the regular interactions with highly qualified teachers help the students track their progress. The teachers make sure that all the students are confident and have a positive attitude towards the exam, in order to crack the SSB interview.

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