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How to Make Lasting Impression in SSB Interview?

SSB Interview

The Services Selection Board interview is one of the toughest interviews in the country. By cracking the SSB interview, a candidate opens  door to become an officer in the Indian Defence Forces. In the SSB interview, the board does not only tests a candidate’s intelligence but his overall personality as well. Although, the SSB interview is tough to crack, there are a few things that must be kept in mind in order to make a lasting impression in the interview.

How to leave a lasting impression

  • Be Gentle: As they say, the first impression is the last impression. The moment you enter the room the first thing the board members notice is your personality. Be gentle and full of confidence, put a smile on your face and greet the board members well.
  • Steady Eye Contact: Your eyes say a lot about your inner self. Keep steady eye contact with the person you are talking to, as it will show your strong personality. Don’t stare at the officer, be polite and smile often.
  • Be Precise: The Indian Armed Forces look for a person who can give orders to his troop in clear and direct words. Do not blabber or stretch any topic unnecessarily. Give answers to the point, do not give worthless information about anything. 
  • Dress Properly: Dress formally in your most comfortable attire. Do not be overdressed, over stylish or unorderly dressed. Dress up in a proper and simple manner. Formals that have soothing fabric and good colour are preferred in the SSB interview. 
  • Be Calm and Patient: Do not start replying before the board member completes his question. Let him complete his question. Your calm demeanour will say about your patience and eagerness to listen first is the thing that the board will observe in you.
  • Be in the Moment: Be there, physically and mentally. Know what is happening around you. Stay focused and aware of what is being asked or said. Be prepared for what you are going to say next. 
  • Shoes: Not many people know this, but people observe your shoe subconsciously in you. Always wear good shoes, they should be well polished. They say a lot about your class and standard. 

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