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Importance of Sainik School for Girls

Sainik Schools are the very well known chain of schools that sow the seeds of becoming an officer in the Indian Defence Forces in the hearts of young boys. Sainik in English means ‘Soldier’ hence the sole purpose of these schools is to make each and every cadet ready for National Defence Academy and Naval Academy from where they get a chance to serve the nation. The Sainik School Chhingchhip was the first to open the doors of Sainik School for girls. Now, five more Sainik Schools are opening for girls. To know more visit:

Studying in prestigious Sainik Schools of India is a dream of many young boys and girls. It is still debatable whether unleashing Sainik School for girls is a good idea or not. Here are some points that show the importance of Sainik School for Girls.

Fair Chance:

A person’s worth should not be calculated by his/her gender. There are many girls who are brilliant and can become amazing officers in future. Sainik Schools will carve them and make them ready for the Indian Defence Forces. It is a fair and well-deserved chance that should have bestowed sooner on girls.


Leadership is a quality Sainik School for girls will instil into every cadet that steps foot onto its campus. The motto of this chain of elite schools is to built up its cadets into strong leaders. There is so much potential in young girls and by using military disciplines, they sharpen their cadets and make them effective leaders with a passion for making a difference. 


Unleashing Sainik Schools for girls guarantees a safe and structured learning environment. These schools give them the independence to express themselves. The confidence that the girls get from Sainik schools helps them throughout their lives. Sainik Schools lay emphasis on girl cadets future, their self-worth and quality education. 


Sainik Schools are the ocean of opportunities. Boys have always swum in it and came out with a future so bright. Now is the time for girls to get similar opportunities. Activities like, horse riding, swimming, gymnasium etc. are compulsory for cadets. Apart from this, girls will also get exposure to meet many officials, which builds their confidence. 


Sainik Schools teach the value of independence, self-reliance and discipline to young cadets. Sending your daughters to these schools will help them grow as an individual. They become capable of taking care of themselves and hold a post they are most deserved of. 

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The teachers work hard to improve the English of their students, as it is a vital section. They cover topics like vocabulary, Grammar and usage and comprehension. They make sure that the candidates are proficient in English. Sainik school coaching at Shaurya Bharat app lays emphasis on the whole syllabus and every subject: Mathematics, Social Studies, General Science, and Intelligence section. The live classes and interactive one to one sessions with an experienced team of qualified teachers make it easy for the young aspirants to crack the exam with confidence and zeal.