You are currently viewing Armed Forces Training Academies In India (Part 1)

Armed Forces Training Academies In India (Part 1)

Armed Forces Training Academies In India

(Part 1)


Youth in India is crazy for the defence services exams. There are many armed force training academies all over the country. Armed forces is one of the most sought after careeer in world. Read below about various armed forces training academies in India.

Preparatory Schools for academies

Sanik School Kapurthala. Prepare with Shaurya Bharat App

Sainik Schools: Sainik Schools are a very well known chain of schools that sow the seeds of becoming an officer in the Indian Defence Forces in the hearts of young men. Sainik in English means ‘Soldier’ hence the sole purpose of these schools is to ready each and every student for National Defence Academy and Naval Academy from where they get a chance to serve the nation. There are 24 Sainik Schools in India at present.

Rastrya Militry School. Prepare for RMS with Shaurya Bharat App

Rashtriya Military Schools: Rashtriya Military Schools are the pioneer of class education and guidance for the National Defence Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy (NA). These schools were initially established for the sons of defence personnel, but later civilian kids were also allowed to get admission in these prestigious schools. There are currently five Military schools in India, namely RMS Banglore, RMS Belgaum, RMS Chail, RMS Dholpur and RMS Ajmer. 


Rashtriya Indian Military College: The Rashtriya Indian Military College was established in 1922. The sole purpose of this institution is to prepare boys to join the National Defence Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy. Only 25 cadets are admitted twice a year in each term. An All India Entrance Examination takes place for the admission of young boys without any reservation. 

Armed Forces Training Academies in India


National Defence Academy:  The National Defence Academy exam is conducted twice a year by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). It is the first tri-service academy in the world, where cadets of all the three wings of defence forces Army, Navy and Air Force train together before going to their respective service academy. 

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Indian Military Academy: Situated in Dehradun, the Indian Military Academy was founded in 1932. The academy aims at the thorough development of a candidate’s intellectual, moral and physical qualities. Candidates. There are many ways to get selected in IMA such as by graduating from NDA and Army Cadet College. Direct Entry through the IMA exam. 

Officer Training Academy (Chennai): Officers Training School was re-designed as the Officers Training Academy in 1988 on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. Earlier its main task was to prepare cadets for the grant of the Emergency Commission. But, since 1965, the Academy is training cadets for Short Service Commission. 

Officer Training Academy (Gaya): OTA Gaya is one of the army training academies that trains cadets for the Short Service Commission. On December 3, 2009, the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) set up the second Officer Training Academy at Gaya, Bihar. Initially, it was planned to take 135 cadets in the academy but 149 joined the first term. In December 2019 the Defence Ministry gave the go-ahead to shut OTA Gaya due to lack of intake.

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These are the seven very well known army training academies in India. These academies at different levels prepare deserving candidates for the army. Getting admission to one of these schools is a tough nut to crack, but with proper guidance, this goal can be achieved. The Shaurya Bharat App provides the best coaching for army training academies. Their team of highly qualified teachers make study interesting for the students. They make lectures and notes that can be easily understood by young boys hailing from any background. To crack the Military School exam, Shaurya Bharat App is the best option.  

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