Nirbhay Missile | Long-range | all-weather | Subsonic Cruise Missile | Indian Defence Forces | Indian Missile | Missile

Nirbhay Missile | Long-range | all-weather | Subsonic Cruise Missile | Indian Defence Forces | Indian Missile | Missile

Nirbhay could be a long vary, unrestricted, a subsonic missile designed and developed in India by the aeronautic Development Establishment(ADE), that is under Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The missile is often launched from multiple platforms and is capable of carrying standard and nuclear warheads. It’s presently deployed in restricted numbers in LAC throughout the standoff with China.


Nirbhay is power-driven by a solid rocket booster for initiate that is developed by Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL). Upon reaching the desired speed and height, a jet engine within the missile takes over for additional propulsion. The missile is radio-controlled by a guidance system developed by Research Centre Imarat (RCI) and a radio altimeter for the peak determination. The missile includes a Ring Laser Gyroscope (RLG) based guidance, control, and navigation system. It additionally includes a Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) based Inertial Navigation System (INS) alongside the GPS/NAVIC system. The missile includes a length of 6.00 meters, a width of 0.52 meters, a wingspan of 2.70 meters, and weighs concerning 1500 metric weight unit. It’s a spread of concerning a thousand kilometer and is capable of delivering twenty-four differing kinds of warheads looking on mission needs between two hundred and three hundred metric weight unit.


The missile is claimed to own sea-skimming and loitering capability, i.e., it will go spherical a target and perform many maneuvers so re-engage it. It’s additionally ready to sense a target and attack it among multiple targets. With 2 side wings, the missile is capable of flying at completely different altitudes starting from one hundred meters to four kilometers on top of the bottom and may additionally fly at low altitudes (like low tree level) to avoid detection by enemy microwave radar. It’ll eventually supplement the role compete by Brahmos missile for the Indian Armed Forces by delivering warheads farther than the 450 kilometers various of Brahmos.


India has deployed its long-range missile Nirbhay alongside missile Brahmos and Akash surface air missile to discourage Chinese aggression on the Line of Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh.


GTRE is developing a replacement 4.25 kN thrust jet engine to power Nirbhay missile and future UAV, Long-range AshM cruise missile systems. GTRE is functioning quickly to feature check capabilities and infrastructure to check the Manik engine.

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