AFSB Interview Selection Tips!

AFSB Interview Selection Tips!

AFSB Interview Selection Tips!

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Air Force Selection Board (AFSB) SSB interview organized for the candidates who manage to clear the Air Force Common Admission Test or the AFCAT written exam. The AFSB interview takes place to check the mental and physical ability of a candidate through various group tasks and psychological tasks. Candidates are given the choice to select any suitable AFSB interview centre among the five centres, namely Dehradun, Mysore, Gandhinagar, Varanasi and Kanchrapara. To know more visit:

To crack the AFSB interview a candidate must answer the basic questions about his educational qualifications and family background. The interviewer asks these questions to make the candidate feel comfortable. Being a good listener is a great quality a candidate must possess in order to crack the AFSB interview. One should not speak extra as that might not go well with the interviewer. 

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Apart from these basic tips, the following are some major tips to crack the AFCB interview. 

  • Make a habit of reading 2 newspapers daily. This will help you with current affairs as you will be updated thoroughly. Besides, reading 2 newspapers will give you two different perspectives of the same story, helping you a lot in the group discussions. 
  • Exercise daily. AFSB interview board will test your physical strength too. Play some outdoor games such as football or tennis as they will make you stay focused. 
  • Gain some basic knowledge about the Indian Air Force such as missiles, aircraft, commands etc. 
  • Practice figure embedded, series completion and odd figure out questions daily as the Officer Intelligent Rank test will be based on Non-Verbal/ Verbal reasoning skills.
  • Try to be creative and write stories to prepare yourself for the Picture Perception Test for which you will be writing a story of 70 words in just 4 minutes. 
  • Keep in touch with all the major happenings of the country related to politics, economy, defence and the Air Force. 
  • Take mock tests and keep track of how much you are taking while solving the WATs and SRTs. So that you complete the exam on time.
  • Practice OIR and PPDT test as they are the initial as well as major phases of the AFSB exam. If you fail these two you will not be able to go further in the exam.
  •  Focus on your mental and physical health. Try yoga for mental peace and inner happiness. 

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