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Difference between Air force X and Y Group

Airforce Group X and Group Y


The Air force of India recruits thousands of young men courageous enough to hug martyrdom for the country. These soldiers do not just strengthen our nation from the outside but inside too. They are the reason behind our wide smile and fearless sleep. The Indian Air force takes an exam to recruit Airmen under the X and Y group. In this article, we will talk about the difference between the Air force X and Y group.

The Air force recruits candidates depending upon the different trades that fall under it. These trades are divided into two: Technical and Non-Technical Trades. The technical airmen are needed to maintain and run many machines and technical items of the force. Whereas the non-technical airmen keep the machines updated and clean. The technical trade is known as the X group and the non-technical trade is known as the Y group. These Air force X and Y groups are also known as PBOR i.e. Persons below officer rank. 

Difference between Group X and Group Y

Any male candidate who has passed class 12th with Science stream i.e. Physics and Mathematics can apply for X group. Interested male candidates of any stream in 12th class are eligible for Y group examination of Indian Air Force. Other than these, there are major differences between the Air force X and Y group. The X group candidates receive technical training as their job profile demands them to be technically sound enough to eliminate every fault in the machine. They are given proper training before any new equipment is introduced to them. The work areas of the X group are open spaces, tarmacs, hangers, and nature-friendly places. Their working hours are usually not fixed and they can be called anytime. They work in shifts to complete their tasks. To know more visit:

The Y group is related to the non-technical trades such as musicians, medical staff, police etc. They deal with the administrative, paperwork, welfare and discipline. Very few courses are conducted for this trade. They have fixed working hours and usually work in closed offices. 

If we talk about the pay structure, both Air force X and Y group airmen get a stipend of Rs. 14,600/- per month, during training. Once the training is completed Group X or the technical trade group get  Rs. 33,100 per month + DA (as applicable). Group Y on the other hand gets Rs. 26,900 per month + DA (as applicable). The X group have privileges and have technical pay and allowances apart from the pay scale/structure. Whereas the Y group has limited pay. Apart from a handsome salary both Air force X and Y group get many allowances such as:

  1. City Compensatory Allowance
  2. Transport Allowance
  3. Accommodation
  4. Rations
  5. Medical facilities for self and dependents
  6. Leave Travel Concession for self and family.
  7. Pensions including service, invalidity, disability, war injury, etc.

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