Life in Indian Army
Army Officer

Life in Indian Army


The army provides our soldier’s benefits because the soldiers serve and sometimes soldiers martyr in protecting motherland. So, the Indian Army’s responsibility provides to our soldiers some amount of services.

Job Security: In the army, soldiers are rarely fired and you will always have a job for as long as you want it.

Paid Vacation: 2 months of paid leave every year. And these are apart from the weekly offs and government holidays that you get. Plus you can accumulate your leaves as long as your command allows it, and redeem all of those at a time in one year.

Military Discounts: Most places provide military personnel with discounts even some places welcome military personnel for free.

Army hospital: The military hospital is the most useful perk. you get a free checkup by good doctors and you might get your checkup done at a discount. it is cheap in price as compared to an outside hospital.

Free Education: The NDA provides its cadets with Bachelors’s in Degree certificate after the completion of their training. The cadets are fresh out of school before joining. (Garima Yadav is the best example of this.)

You Get to Learn New Skills: The military emphasizes the constant and consistent learning of its soldiers. If you have other interests, the Indian Military even assists you in your goal to always keep learning and reaching new heights, be it representing Indian in the Olympics or undertaking adventurous activities.

Retirement Benefits: After your 20-year long tenure, you enjoy several retirement benefits ranging from medical facilities to canteen facilities to life-long pension!

Fit and Fine Forever: Indian Army said “no army man is fat” and this is so true. The army is so about physical strength, and an army person is always in proper shape as they spend so much time doing physical activities.

Reputation: Imagine yourself introducing to others after you become an army man, people just don’t enough when it comes to praising army person. You will be treated with respect wherever you go, you may feel like you are just serving your country or doing your duty just likes others, but people will always think of you as a national hero.

Accommodations: What are the basic things that you look for when searching for a locality to reside? Clean Environment, Good neighborhood, Security, etc. Army contentment areas provide all that is required to making living better. It differs from every rank to rank army person.

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