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Life In Indian Navy

Officers and Sailors get pleasure from generous leave time. Officers are entitled to sixty days of annual leave and twenty days of casual leave. As a sailor, you’re entitled to sixty days’ annual leave and thirty days of casual leave. You’ll additionally accumulate thirty days of leave in an exceedingly year that you’ll encash at the time of retirement. The buildup of leaves includes a limit that is stipulated from time to time.

Officers and their relations area unit entitled to free rail / traveling inactive once a year. Six travel concessions forms also are licensed to every officer for playing a journey by train.

Sailors and their families area unit entitled to free rail travel inactive once a year. Travel concessions by rail/ air also are provided on alternative occasions.

Health-Care is crucial just in case of a medical emergency. Rising medical prices and skyrocketing insurance premia will build it troublesome to afford quality treatment. within the Indian Navy, we tend to pride ourselves in providing the best treatment to every officer and sailor, furthermore to their families. This full comprehensive coverage is obtainable in the least Military Hospitals and Military Dental facilities.

The ships and submarines of the Indian Navy typically visit a variety of foreign ports. The boys who serve on these platforms get to go to the various foreign ports that these ships and submarines visit.

Officers and Sailors alike have access to many recreational facilities. As a political candidate or sailor performing on a ship or a base, it’s not simply ‘all work and no play’, you’ll have the chance to figure and brook alternative service members, furthermore as rest and relax far from the duty.

Officers and sailors area unit entitled to free accommodation. Indian Navy takes pride in providing outstanding living areas and conditions for its Sailors and Officers. Most of the residential areas have markets, ATMs, playgrounds, swimming pools, gymnasium, etc. whether or not living in a barrack, apartment, lodging, or a house, you’ll have access to all of these providings.

Navy housing is home to several families; moms, dads, youngsters, and even some visiting grandparents.

Officers are granted allowances to sew their own uniforms. All sailors are entitled to gratis covering. A kit maintenance allowance is additionally provided to officers and sailors each month to keep up their uniforms.

All officers and sailors are entitled to free ration. Sailors may look for cash in part of ration whereas staying with their families.

The Navy has special housing schemes in nearly in major cities. Officers and sailors have a chance to accumulate a contemporary, wonderful lodging of their own in planned encompassing at a station of their selection for post-retirement settlement.