Best Books for RMS Exam

Best Books for RMS Exam
Best Books for RMS Exam

Rashtriya Military School Entrance Examination

Rashtriya Military Schools admit students into Class VI & IX through a Combined Entrance Test (CET) conducted under the aegis of the Integrated Headquarters, Ministry of Defence (Army). These schools were established in the year 1925, and are among the oldest Public Schools in India. To sail through, candidates need the best content to study. Here, in this post, we will provide a list of the best books for RMS exam preparation, study materials, and guides to refer to for complete preparation for the exam.

Characteristics of a good book

A good book must possess the following basic qualities:

  1. Visuals – Whatever the age of the reader, a good textbook must have visuals. Images make the text more readable.
  2. Age-specific material – A good textbook must consider the age of the student. The content and its presentation should develop students’ interest and make them read. In fact, content should attract the students and force them to read the book.
  3. Balanced design – The page should not be cluttered. The author and publisher should not try to include everything in little space. This offsets and irritates the reader.
  4. Storyline – Everyone likes stories. However, it has to be well written. The story must give a plot to the content and also the climax or conclusion.
  5. Activities – The book should suggest activities for students
  6. Practice questions – There must be an ample number of questions for practice so that the students clear the concepts well.
  7. Language – The language should be simple and easily understandable.
  8. Psychology – The book should understand the psychological requirements of the student.
  9. Size – The size of the book should be handy so that students can carry it easily.
  10. Exterior or cover page – The exterior of a book should be very attractive and must give an insight into the content.

Best books for RMS exam preparation for classes 6 and 9

The Rashtriya Military School Complete Study Guide, A book written by Capt Atul Kulshrestha and published by Shaurya Bharat Defence Academy and Learning app, fulfills all the above criteria of a good book. The book is available for both classes 6 and 9. It covers the entire syllabus for the RMS Entrance exam. The language used is very lucid and easy to understand. It contains 2000+ multiple-choice questions for students to practice. The book also consists of two model papers to give the students an idea about the pattern and level of questions asked in the examination.

Apart from the book published by Shaurya Bharat Defence Academy and Learning App, other relevant books that a student can refer to are:

  1. Rashtriya Military School entrance exam 2023 (Class 6) – A book by Preeti Aggarwal published by Radian Publication
  2. Rashtriya Military School Class 6 Study Guide book In English for 2024 Exam  – A book by Agrawal Examcart
  3. Rashtriya Military School Admission Test Guide (Class 6th) – A book by R Gupta published by Ramesh Publishing House
  4. Rashtriya Military School (Class 9th) Entrance Exam Guide – A book by R Gupta published by Ramesh Publishing House

How to crack the Rashtriya Military School entrance exam?

The RMS entrance examination is one of the toughest entrance examinations to crack. It requires utmost dedication and hard work on the part of students and teachers as well. The Shaurya Bharat app is a boon to students preparing for the RMS entrance test. In a short time, the Shaurya Bharat app has become India’s No. 1 app in preparing students for the Rashtriya Military School entrance examination. Shaurya Bharat has given splendid results in the All India Sainik School Entrance Examination (AISSEE) 2023 and CET 2023. It speaks volumes about the quality of content and teaching at Shaurya Bharat. We, at Shaurya Bharat, always try to give our best to the students. We try our level best to be up to the standards and expectations of students and parents.

Best features like carefully penned notes (E-books), video lectures, highly interactive live classes, practice tests, live exams, and the doubt box make Shaurya Bharat the best app to prepare for the Rashtriya Military School entrance examination for classes VI and IX.

The live classes are the most liked and appreciated feature of the app. Teachers not only teach the students, but they also encourage and motivate them to do well. They play the role of mentors to perfection. That is what separates Shaurya Bharat from other platforms.

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