AFCAT- Must have Qualities (Part 1)

AFCAT- Must have Qualities (Part 1)

The Indian Air Force always looks for candidates who have unmatched charisma and unquestionable knowledge. The Air Force Common Admission Test, which is commonly known as the AFCAT examination, is conducted twice a year to recruit those few in a million aspirants. Job at the Indian Air force is very reputed and very challenging.

Requisite Qualities

To live up to the expectations of the force a candidate must possess the following qualities.

  • Leadership: To crack AFCAT, leadership quality is a must. The force will expect you to manage and guide a group of large men and if you do not possess this quality, you will fail to achieve your desired goal. 
  • Initiative Quality: An officer will always initiate a task and motivate his subordinates to take part in it. If a leader does not do a task and orders others to do so, then he will never become a part of the team. The subordinates will think of him as an outsider. 
  • Resourceful: The Indian armed forces work in some really hard circumstances, such as difficult terrains, extreme weather, Maoist areas etc. Many times they have to complete a task with limited resources available. It is the leader whose resourcefulness benefits the whole company. If the Officer is smart enough to manage everything then, new confidence is built up in his subordinates. 
  • Communication Skills: This plays a vital role in the AFCAT selection. An Officer does not just talks to other Officers but he needs to address his troop every day. He must establish comfortable yet dominant communication with them. His followers must understand his language and thoughts clearly to avoid any mishap. 
  • Self Confidence: It is a must-have quality in an Officer, as he should be confident enough to give orders to his subordinates. He should be able to accept any challenges and tasks given to him with a smile and a heart full of confidence. 
  • Decision Maker: An Air Force Officer must make decisions that benefit his troop and his country. A good decision-maker will always avoid major accidents and damages and lead his troop towards the right decisions. Whenever he has to take any risk it must be calculated. 
  • Persuasiveness: An Officer must have the quality to persuade his subordinates to fulfill the desired task. If he fails to do so, he does not just let down his company but the whole country. 

How to prepare for AFCAT

These are just a few qualities that an officer must possess as the AFCAT opens the door of opportunities for every interested candidate. The preparation for the AFCAT exam from the scratch seems quite difficult as it needs a lot of time and a syllabus driven strategy. Shaurya Bharat App does all that and much more for you. The App brings lectures covering the entire syllabus to your window. The personal guidance and advice given by our experienced teachers is the cherry on the cake. Teachers regularly discuss previous year question papers and related topics to brush up on your knowledge. The mock tests help you track your progress and motivate you to do better. With the Shaurya Bharat App success is just a click away.

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