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The Sainik Schools of India

The Sainik Schools of India

Sainik School ,AISSEE


Sainik Schools are the very well known chain of schools that sow the seeds of becoming an officer in the Indian Defence Forces in the hearts of young men. Sainik in English means ‘Soldier’ hence the sole purpose of these schools is to ready their each and every student for National Defence Academy and Naval Academy from where they get a chance to serve the nation. If we dig deep into the history of these prestigious schools, we get to know that the idea was conceived in 1961 by the then Defence Minister of India Shri V. K. Krishna Menon. These schools were established to rectify the imbalance created by class, religion and creed among the Officer cadre of the Indian Defence Forces. These schools were established to give a public school facility to children hailing from different backgrounds. The first Sainik School was opened in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in 1960. These schools are managed by the Sainik School Society falling under the Ministry of Defence.

Sainik Schools follow a standard procedure for the admission of young boys and girls. Sainik Schools organise an All India Sainik Schools Entrance Exam (AISSEE) every year. The exam is normally conducted on the same date for all the Sainik Schools, with a standard question paper. The question paper for class VI is set in English, Hindi and all the recognised official languages. Question paper for class IX is set only in English and candidates are required to answer in English only. This year the exam will take place on February 7, 2021. The admissions are done for class VI and IX. Boys and girls aged 10 to 11 years can take the exam for class VI and the eligibility to take the exam for class IX is 13 to 14 years. The subjects covered for class VI entrance exam are Mathematics, Language and Intelligence and, Mathematics, Science, English and Social Studies for class IX. 15% of the seats are reserved for Scheduled Caste candidates and 7 1/2% for Scheduled Tribes. 67% out of the remaining seats are reserved for candidates from the particular state in which the school is located, remaining 33% for the students of other states and union territories. 25% of seats are reserved for the children of serving personnel and ex-servicemen.

To crack this exam and walk on the path of glory and dignity, proper guidance and strategic study are important. A candidate must have a strong command over basic English and has a sound general knowledge. Shaurya Bharat App helps you prepare well for the AISSEE as its live video lectures are student-friendly and the regular mock tests and interaction with highly qualified teachers help the students track their progress. Sainik Schools are known for imbibing discipline, physical activeness and focus in a student. It’s a place where all sort of students come under one roof and become officers, become equals. It’s a dream of every parent to get their son/daughter enrolled in Sainik School for a better today and the best tomorrow.


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