RIMC School Last Minute Preparation Tips

Olive Uniform – Pride and Dignity

Donning the olive uniform is a dream for many young boys. They work hard to get selected for the army training academies of India. Their persistence makes their lives as they step forward to become officers in the prestigious Indian Defence Forces. The Rashtriya Indian Military College is one such institution. The RIMC school is a feeder for the defence academies such as National Defence Academy and Naval Academy. 

Situated in the beautiful Doon Valley in Dehradun India, the alumni of this institute rose to the highest ranks in the Army, Navy and Air force of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Established as the Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College, the roots of RIMC school lie in the demand of Indian nationalists to Indianise the officer cadre of the British Indian Army. 

Handy tips for exam

Here are some tips to get selected in the RIMC School:

  • Brush Up Your Academic Knowledge: The RIMC school takes only 250 cadets every year hence the competition is very tough. Your academic knowledge will help you in the written exam and in the personal interview as well. Apart from knowing your syllabus, you must be aware of some basics as the interviewer would ask questions related to your knowledge and intelligence. Questions such as the father of a computer, medicine etc. might be asked. 
  • Know All The Firsts: To crack the personal interview, candidates should know all the firsts of the country and the world. Questions such as the first President, Prime Minister, First person to step on the Moon etc. are very important. 
  • Be a Good Orator: The RIMC school entrance exam is based on finding the cadets who have potential to be an officer in future. Being a good orator is one such quality. To crack the RIMC school exam candidates must cultivate their oratory skills and build confidence. 
  • Manage Your Time: Manage your time as you have to cover the current affairs and important topics along with your academic syllabus. Be strategic and know the value of your time. 
  • Be Updated: Read English newspapers daily, watch debates on news channels to get updated on the happenings of the world. This part will play a vital role during your exam as you will gather a good knowledge of current affairs, general knowledge and the English language. 
  • Mock Tests: The best way to prepare for the RIMC school entrance exam is through online mock tests. These tests put the pressure of an actual exam on the candidates. Rely on a trusted source such as the Shaurya Bharat App that prepares the best mock tests for aspirants. 

Sure shot way to success

While these tips will help you prepare for the basics of the RIMC school entrance exam. However, to crack this once in a lifetime opportunity one must take coaching from the Shaurya Bharat App. The App gives a chance to every aspiring student to touch the sky of dignity and glory. Their team of experienced teachers make sure that no student falls behind as they give personal attention to every student. Faculties at Shaurya Bharat solve doubts of students in a fraction of a second. The regular live classes and online mock tests help students to track their progress and walk on the path of success.

To know more visit: http://www.rimc.gov.in