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Reasons Why NDA Academy is the Best?

National Defence Academy – Know Abouts

Every Indian knows about the very prestigious National Defence Academy. It is a place that has the ability to make the career of each and every cadet who takes admission in it. Despite having a great reputation and name, some people still find the academy a bit overrated. In this article, we will throw light on why NDA academy is the best for your ward.

Why NDA is the best?

Fresh minds: The NDA takes cadets who have just passed 10+2 hence they have a fresh approach towards the training and lifestyle of the academy. They are flexible and that is why do not find it very difficult to mould themselves into an NDA academy cadet. This is one of the reasons behind their high rate of recommendation.

Bumper Vacancies: The NDA academy releases 300 to 400 vacancies, which is the highest in the defence field. The vacancies are for the different streams of the Indian defence forces such as Air Force, Navy and Military. The Indian Naval Academy has around 40-50 vacancies every year. Other exams do not release such a high number of vacancies hence, aspirants must not let this opportunity go. 

Pride: Although there are many career opportunities once a boy passes school, but none of them makes one as proud as being able to serve the nation. NDA gives that golden opportunity to its cadets. The NDA cadets rise up to the highest military ranks and do everything to protect the nation.

Training: The NDA training is quite notorious among the common men but little do they know that this training makes the cadets rock strong. An NDA academy cadet goes through a 4 year-long training; 3 years in the academy and 1 in their respective training centres. This hardcore training makes the cadets be able to survive any adverse situation. The academy turns a boy into a man, ready to deal with anything. 

Foolproof Career Option: In today’s world of uncertainties, students and their respective parents find it difficult to choose a career option that promises a bring future. NDA Academy ensures future stability and career growth. Candidates who manage to pass the exam will surely become officers in the Indian defence forces. 

Efforts and Will: The moment a candidate decides to put all his efforts and will to clear the NDA academy exam, he has already proved the worth of the academy. The NDA exam is tough but with guidance and serious efforts one can easily pass it. The Shaurya Bharat app being India’s leading defence learning app is the best way to prepare for the NDA exam.

Best NDA Coaching

The app helps you with everything from guidance to proper NDA coaching. The app provides NDA online classes for Maths, English, Science, Physics, Chemistry and General Knowledge covering the full course. Shaurya Bharat app helps you track your progress by their mock tests and regular discussions on the previous year question papers. As soon you fill the online form, you should start preparing as the question paper is always a tricky one. The team of highly qualified teachers working for the app are always ready to clear even the slightest doubt of the aspirants. 

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