AFSB Interview- Major Operations by IAF

AFSB Interview- Major Operations by IAF

The Air Force Selection Board (AFSB)

Air Force Selection Board or the AFSB interview takes place for the candidates who manage to clear the Air Force Common Admission Test or the AFCAT written exam. The AFSB interview takes place to check the mental and physical ability of a candidate through various group tasks and psychological tasks. There are many obvious questions related to the Indian Air Force that are asked during the personal interview. Since the AFCAT 2 2021 notification has been released, good knowledge of major operations and tasks by the Indian Air force will definitely help candidates during the AFSB interview.

Major Operations of IAF

Here are some of the well-known operations by the Indian Air Force for your AFSB interview preparation. 

  • 1947 War: After months of getting independent from British rule, the Indian Air Force got a chance to prove itself as war broke out between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue. The Air Force was a crucial part of this operation. For the first time the transport aircraft of the IAF were deployed full-time in operations. India beat Pakistan and the Fighter squadrons got exposure and experience of operating in the mountainous terrain. 
  • Operation Vijay: Military actions were taken by India in order to evict Portuguese rulers out of Goa, Dui and Daman in the year 1961. All three Indian armed forces took part in ending this 450 years of rule. The Indian Air Force played a major role by bombing the runway of Dabolim Airfield (Goa International Airport). This eventually cut off the Portuguese territory from outside interference.
  • 1965 War: This war was the first air battle between India and Pakistan. The Indian Air Force was in leas with 28 combat squadrons against Pakistan Air Force’s 11 combat squadrons. This operation was one of its kind as the world saw the fiercest engagements in air after World War-II. Pakistan was technologically superior but the IAF made sure it tastes victory. By the end of the war IAF lost 59 out of its 460 aircraft while PAF lost 43 out of its 186 aircraft.
  • Operation Meghdoot: It was the code name given to a very special task; capturing the world’s highest battlefield Siachen Glacier. Indian troops including the Indian Air Force managed to take control of two-third of the area while the rest remained under Pakistan’s control. 
  • Operation Safed Sagar: Kargil war of 1999, was the first time in the history of aviation that a war was fought at the height of 32,000 feet by the Indian Air Force. To take control of the strategically important Tiger Hill, the Indian Air Force’s Mirage 2000 aircraft carried out surgical operations in order to assist ground troops. 

Cracking the AFSB Interview

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