Night Before NDA Exam- Do’s and Don’ts

All about UPSC and NDA

National Defence Academy is known to make men out of boys, and many young boys try their best to get selected into this prestigious academy, but only a handful of them make this dream come true. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the NDA exam twice a year. It is important to gather all the knowledge regarding the syllabus before starting to prepare for the exam and work accordingly. But, it is very important to keep yourself calm a night before the NDA exam.

Useful last minute tips

  • Instead of panicking revise your compressed notes a night before your NDA exam. Panicking will just make the situation worst, and you might even end up losing your confidence. 
  • Take a good night’s sleep a night before the exam. A tired mind will not be able to perform well during the exam. Take ample rest and start your paper with a positive approach. 
  • Eat healthy before the NDA exam. Do not eat anything that might disturb your bowel movement. Healthy food will give you ample energy to stay full and fresh during the exam.
  • Solve previous years’ questions paper instead of preparing for other topics. It will give you the full feel of the exam and make your mind adapt to the pressure and time frame for the next morning. 
  • Do not touch any new topic. Touching a new topic will either lead you to a sleepless night or the burden of not being fully aware of an affair. Both situations will not be helpful during the exam. 
  • Do not take stress or overthink. Just be cool and know that what you have prepared is enough. It is better to know limited topics fully than knowing a little about each. 
  • Do not leave anything unanswered in the exam.
  • Arrange everything that you need in the examination hall a day before like pens, hall ticket, wristwatch etc. Do not forget anything and keep every important thing in front of your eyes.
  • Reach the exam centre before time. Many times traffic makes it really tough to reach a place. To avoid that possibility wake up early, revise a little and leave early for the exam centre. 
  • Do not lose your calm and be positive during the whole examination. This will help you a lot in answering well. 

What to do for good preparation?

While these tips will help you keep calm before the storm, it is always better to prepare beforehand for such important exams. To pass an exam like NDA smart and strategy-based approach is a must and Shaurya Bharat App is the best solution to all your problems. Their team of highly qualified teachers prepares lectures that are user friendly and easy to understand. The regular discussions on previous year question papers and mock tests help students track their progress and work towards success. The NDA exam is a national level exam and the competition is really high. Every student who wants to crack the NDA exam must give his all to this leading defence learning app.

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