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Officer Like Qualities to Clear NDA SSB Interview

Officer Like Qualities

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There are certain qualities that are must for a candidate to become an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. These are the qualities that separate a potential officer from an ordinary man. They are called the Officer Like Qualities or OLQs. Few of these qualities are inborn but few are attained through hard work. In this article, we will discuss these qualities to prepare aspirants for the upcoming NDA SSB interview. 

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Essential Qualities

These are the 15 OLQs that will help candidates crack the NDA SSB interview:

  • Effective Intelligence: It is the potential of a candidate to tackle practical problems. If he can find solutions without losing his calm, he has this quality in him.
  • Social Adaptability: It is the adaptability of a candidate to adjust to a social group with people having different background and frame of mind. 
  • Cooperation: The attitude of a candidate to participate in harmony with others in a group with his own will. If he is at peace and happy around people he has this quality. 
  • Sense of Responsibility: His attitude towards his duty, responsibilities of what is expected from him and fulfiling all of them. He must give his attention and energy to every work he does.
  • Reasoning Ability: His ability to grasp a given situation and come up with a solution through rational thinking. 
  • Organizing Ability: A candidate’s ability to use the given resources and organising everything to give the desired results.
  • Power of Expression: This quality plays a vital role in the NDA SSB interview. It is the ability to put forward one’s ideas clearly and easily. A confident man possesses this quality. 
  • Initiative: The ability to come up with a plan of action and doing it on his own. It could be an idea, a plan or a duty. 
  • Self Confidence: The quality of having faith in his own ideas and abilities to avoid unfaithful results. Sometimes candidates become overconfident which is not good. 
  • Speed of Decision: The ability to come up with the right decision quickly. Your speed of decision tells a lot about your personality and rational thinking. 
  • Ability to influence the group: A lot of people work under an Officer, hence he must have the quality to influence the masses to work according to his will and get desired results. It is one of the foremost qualities an officer must possess. 
  • Liveliness: Officers go through tough times, hence a cheerful and positive person will make any dull moment joyous. That is why liveliness is one of the OLQs to crack the NDA SSB interview. 
  • Determination: The ability to put efforts in order to achieve desired goals eliminating all the obstacles and setbacks. 
  • Courage: The courage to make a decision and take a risk.
  • Stamina: The ability to go through any mental or physical pain. 

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