AFSB Interview-  Basic Things To Know (Part 2)

AFSB Interview- Basic Things To Know (Part 2)

Indian Air Force – Dream of Millions

88th Foundation Day of Indian Air Force on October 8, many aircraft will perform in the air

The dreams of many eyes, the flight that every Indian wants to take, the Indian Air Force is all about glory and values. It works day and night for the prestige of our nation. Many young boys become officers in the IAF by cracking the written as well as the AFSB interview. AFSB stands for the Air Force Selection Board. The main function of this board is to conduct the interviews for Air Force candidates and recommend the deserving candidates further. At times, the Indian Air Force conducts the FTS which stand for the Fast Track Selection exam. It is another way to get into the Indian Air Force. Although, the AFSB interview is the gateway for young candidates to become Air Force officers. 

Must Know Points

There are some basic things that a person aspiring to become an Officer in the Air Force of India must know. These points will make you take a lead in the AFSB interview as well.

  • World Records: The IAF made World records thrice, first when it performed the highest landing of a C-130J at the Daulat Beg Oldi airstrip situated in Ladakh at the height of 16614 feet or 5065 metres. Another time when the IAF’s ‘skyriders’ team in Pradakshina travelled more than 10,000 km on Paramotors. Lastly by rescuing people from the strife-torn country of Yemen.
  • Aircrafts: Sukhoi Su-30MKI is the primary air superiority fighter craft, which has the additional capacity of conducting air-ground strike missions. The Indian Air Force is the only force in the world that uses the three largest transport aircrafts namely, C-17 Globemaster III, C-130J Super Hercules, and Il-76. 
  • Air Marshall: Marshall of the Air Force is the highest attainable rank in the Indian Air Force. Till now it has only been awarded once to Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh in the year 2002. His extreme valour during the Indo-Pak war of 1965 made him secure this prestigious five-star rank. 
  • Major Operations: The IAF has always been involved in all the major operations by the Indian Defence Forces. There are some of the most important operations by the IAF are Kashmir Operations 1947-48, Sino-Indian Conflict 1962, Indo-Pak War 1965, Indo-Pak War 1971, Operation Pawan 1986 (Sri Lanka) and Operation Safed Sagar 1999 (Kargil).  

How to Turn Dream into Reality?

These are some of the points you should be aware of before taking your AFSB interview. These points will give you an insight of the Indian Air force but, to swim in this sea of opportunities you must work hard. The Shaurya Bharat App provides the best coaching for the AFCAT exam. The app lets you study in the comfort of your own house without worrying about the increasing cases of COVID-19. Their team of highly qualified teachers make study interesting for the students. They make lectures and notes that can be easily understood by young boys hailing from any background. To crack the AFCAT written and then the AFSB interview, Shaurya Bharat App is the best option. 

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