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Things to Keep in Mind in an SSB Interview

Things to Keep in Mind in an SSB Interview

SSb Interview

The Services Selection Board interview is one of the toughest interviews in the country. By cracking the SSB interview a candidate opens his or her door to become an officer in the Indian Defence Forces. In the SSB interview, the board does not only tests a candidate’s intelligence but his overall personality as well. Although, the SSB interview is tough to crack but there are a few things that must be kept in mind in order to perform better in it. 

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  • Know everything about yourself and your family: The board will ask questions about yourself and your family to get to know you better. Prepare a good introduction and gather knowledge about your family background. 
  • Gather Information about concerning topics: You must be fully aware of the happenings of the world and country. Defence, politics and geography are the most important topics that you should prepare for. 
  • Know about the SSB procedure and different tests: SSB is a five-day-long procedure. The board takes many tests to check a candidate’s personality and intelligence. Be prepared for the Screening, Group Discussions, Situation Reaction Test, Conference Round and Personal Interview. 
  • Prepare a timetable: Practice each and every SSB interview test and track your progress accordingly. Take mock tests, get hold of SSB notes and books. Keep reading newspapers and articles to gain more knowledge and stay updated. 
  • Work on Your Officer Like Qualities: There are some OLQs that a candidate is born with. Firstly, you need to determine those qualities and work on others to crack the SSB. 
  • Prepare for the Personal Interview: The SSB Personal Interview is not like any other interview. The board will try to complicate your situation and ask questions to mess things up. Be well-dressed. Your appearance, eye contact, gestures and posture tells a lot about you. Hence, one must work on them. 
  • Improve your Technical Knowledge: The candidates applying for the technical branch must be well-prepared for the interview. The board will ask questions related to your stream to check your knowledge. 
  • Work on your Communication Skills: Be confident enough to make an impact with your speech. Your communication skills will determine your success during the Group Discussions and Personal Interview Round. Do not give false answers or try to manipulate the interviewer. 
  • Be Optimistic: Your positivity and liveliness will definitely help you crack the NDA SSB interview. Keep a subtle smile on your face, try to fit in and keep talking to your fellow candidates. 

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