Role of Nursing Assistants in Army

Role of Nursing Assistants in Army
Role of Nursing Assistants in Army

What are military hospitals?

The Armed Forces own and operate military hospitals across the country. Military hospitals and clinics are the core of the Military Health System. They are generally reserved for the use of military personnel and their dependents. However, in some countries, they are made available to civilians as well. In India, there are 112 Military Hospitals, 12 Air Force Hospitals, and 10 Naval Hospitals across all states in India. This post throws light on the role of a Soldier Nursing Assistant in the Indian Army.

About Army Medical Corps

Armed Forces Medical Services is the first tri-service (Army, Navy, and Air Force) organization and one of the largest organized medical services in the country. It has state-of-the-art tertiary care hospitals and excellent specialty centers. It provides medical support to the Armed Forces during the war. Not only during the war, but the AMC also provides complete healthcare to all service personnel, ex-servicemen, and their dependents during peace. Army Medical Corps provides medical aid during natural calamities both at national and international levels.

The Army Medical Corps (AMC) is one of the best options available to medical professionals in our country. The AMC provides a great opportunity and a highly professional environment along above all dignity and self-esteem. It offers a golden opportunity to be a part of India’s finest service. People at AMC are trained not only to be good medical professionals and a gentleman but also highly skilled professionals. Army Medical Corps promises both professional and personal growth at every stage of people’s careers. In addition to professional growth and development, the adventure and extra-curricular activities in the service ensure the all-round development of the recruits. This learning and all-around development help them a great deal in leading a successful life. Apart from attractive pay and perks, the service offers the best in lifestyle and professional growth.

Role of Nursing Assistants in Army

Indian Army Nursing Assistants, are the backbone of the Army Medical Corps. Every single hospital and polyclinic of the Indian Army has Nursing Assistants. Their primary role is to assist the doctors, look after the patients, work in Operation Theaters, and provide first aid to patients. In addition to it, they account for medicines in the medical stores. The role of a Nursing Assistant is not only challenging, hard-working, and tedious but also very rewarding and satisfying.

Nursing is a difficult task and when it comes to nursing in hospitals and polyclinics of the Indian Army, the job becomes tougher. Nursing Assistants are soldiers of the Army Medical Corps who get special training at AMC centers and at various service hospitals. They get rigorous training to accomplish their duties as trained combat medical professionals both in peace and war.

They get recruitment with initial requirements of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as subjects in 10+2 (12th) and then undergo technical as well as military training at AMC center Lucknow. Nursing Assistants also undergo upgradation courses from time to time in command hospitals. They get special training in life and limb-saving first aid, routine ward and clinic duties, administration of drugs via various routes, and medical documentation.

The responsibilities of a Soldier Nursing Assistant may include:

  1. Assisting medical officers and nursing staff in providing healthcare services to soldiers.
  2. Taking care of patients and providing basic medical aid.
  3. Assisting in the administration of medication and treatment.
  4. Managing medical equipment and supplies.
  5. Assisting in patient hygiene and comfort.
  6. Handling medical records and maintaining documentation.

Posting of Soldier Nursing Assistant

Soldier Nursing Assistants get posted in the infantry, artillery, and armored units. Here, they provide emergency and routine medical care like first aid, treatment of routine ailments and injuries, referral to service hospitals, and first aid training to troops. In addition to it, Nursing Assistants also serve an important role in various medical camps organized by the Indian army under Operation Sadhbhavna. They are placed in various service hospitals in peace and field. Here, they perform duties like – MI room functioning, ICU duties, laboratory, radiology, and various day-to-day functioning of the wards.

Other Duties of Nursing Assistants

Besides all the above roles, they are trained battle soldiers with basic military training. With this, they can work as fighting forces in contingency situations or emergencies. There have been instances where timely action by the Nursing Assistants has saved the lives of soldiers. In peace stations also the doctor gives advice for treatment, but Nursing Assistants are the ones who execute the advice. Nursing Assistants provide nursing care in Military hospitals and units under the supervision of medical officers.

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