JNV Selection Test 2021- Class 9 Preparation

The JNV Selection Test 2021 for Class 9 was conducted on Saturday, February 24, 2021, in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya of candidates’ concerned district or other centres allotted by the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti. The JNV selection test 2021 for class 9 was an All India Test started at 10.00 hrs. in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya of the concerned district. The entrance test was taken in both languages, i.e, English as well as Hindi. The result of the Selection Test was declared on March 25, 2021. 

The JNV selection test 2021 for class 9 was a Multiple Objective Type (MCQ’s) paper. The total weightage of the exam was 100 marks and there were 80 questions in the paper. The time duration to finish the exam was 2 hours. No negative marking scheme was applicable in this Test.

If we talk about the JNV selection test 2021 preparation tips for class 9, we need to understand the pattern of the examination first.

The entrance test had four different sections.

  • English Subject:  This section is of 15 Marks
  • Hindi Subject:  This section is of 15 Marks
  • Maths Subject:  This section is worth 35 Marks
  • Science Subject:  This section is worth 35 Marks

JNV Selection Test 2021- Preparation tips for Class 9

  • Science and Maths: Science and Mathematics sections have the maximum weightage in the JNV selection test, hence it is very important for candidates to focus on these two sections for success.
  • Get Your Basics Clear: The JNV selection test 2021 comprised of the questions from class 8, hence candidates must get their basics clear of the previous class. Revise the whole syllabus and keep practising the mathematics sums. 
  • Brush Up Your Grammar: Grammar is an essential part of any language. Be it Hindi or English, one can master these subjects by learning all the grammatical formulas. Read newspapers of both languages to learn new words and worldly knowledge. 
  • Keep Practicing: To gain success in the JNV selection test keeps practising all the sections by giving time to each as per your knowledge of the subject. 
  • Take Guidance: The Navodaya School Entrance Exam is once in a lifetime opportunity, hence proper guidance is a must to crack this exam. Get yourself enrolled in an e-learning app such as the Shaurya Bharat App. By taking the regular mock tests from this app you will succeed in the JNVST exam for sure. 

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